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Path To Hotel Revenue Totality

Hey Hoteliers! ICYMI Millions of people were wowed by a total solar eclipse across North America today. Celestial mania inspired them to travel from far and wide to get to a great vantage point to witness the event.


“ The event prompted a surge in accommodation bookings, with Airbnb noting in February that it had seen a 1,000 per cent increase in searches for short-term stays.The eclipse pathline was also clear on a map showing Airbnb occupancy rates, which jumped to 100 per cent for the night of 7 April, according to data from airdna.“


So you know where the mind of a hotel revenue manager goes next…


The next one in Australia and New Zealand, on 22 July 2028, has the largest path of totality crossing over the Kimberley in Western Australia, through the Northern Territory, southwest Queensland, over Sydney, then over Queenstown and Dunedin in NZ.


Is the event bookable yet in your hotel(s)? Keen enthusiasts will be looking to secure their spot on the back of the eclipse frenzy that’s been in the recent news. If you are tracking turnaways, regrets, and denials data (which means you’re a clever informed revenue manager and/or you’ve been trained by me!) you’ll for sure be seeing July 2028 spiking in your analytics.

Consider these steps to turn those searches into sales:


  • Set up a unique Total Solar Eclipse Early Booking package on your direct booking channels.

  • Include custom protective eclipse viewing glasses and mention prime viewing locations.

  • SEM the heck out of it with your own property name and brand terms.

  • Promote your Eclipse promotion on your key social channels now, even though some of them may not exist by the year 2028.

  • Gain inspiration by having a look at these eclipse promotions.

  • Earn a bit of interest on deposit income for the next 1565 days until the Solar Eclipse guests check in by applying pre-payment on Eclipse package bookings.

I know I know, most IBEs and OTAs don't have a booking window that extends beyond 360 days. But where there's a will there's a way. And where there's money there's a method


I believe the Accor hotels’ system allows bookings just 405 days in advance, Choice, Best Western and IHG 350 days, Marriott 355, Radisson 730 days, Hyatt 395 days in advance and Hilton a rolling 365 days into the future. Someone will correct me if I’m wrong!

However if your PMS enables rate management and restrictions up to 5 years from today’s business date as Opera Cloud PMS does, then configure to enable direct reservations.


Does your direct booking channel enable reservations confirmed now for stays in 2028?

Does anyone know of an extended booking window OTA that you work with?

If so, I’d love to hear from you!


Check to see if your hotel(s) are along the path of totality on the location map of the next Total Solar Eclipse on this interactive map here.


Celestially and financially yours,



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