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Cookies, Curves, and Confabs

Hello out there fearless intrepid Friends of SKNapp Consulting,

We know the world of hotels is in chaos when DoubleTree Hotels released their secret official cookie recipe to the world . Even Chef Zamora of Crystalbrook Hotels recently shared his hot cross bun recipe! You are welcome.

You could use some of your available isolation time to bake those, AND you can also join me and a few extremely cluey smart people in an industry confab next week. Ok I know I know, the interwebs is flooded with free webinars. But this one has me! 🤣

My fellow panellists and I will be discussing:

- Current impacts of COVID-19 on your local market - Ways to optimise your hospitality business during downtimes - Strategies to succeed in the future - How to ascertain confidence about long-term recovery

Forum for Australia & New Zealand: 22 April at 10:00AEST Sydney time, please register here, and you can submit questions for the panel to answer!

Forum for the USA: April 22 at 10:00 EST New York time, please register here and remember to submit your questions for us on the panel to answer!

It's also a terrific reason to stop watching the flattening curve or to take a tea break from home-schooling.😄

Best, Shannon

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