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Hey Hotel Manager!


Do the phones matter? “Everyone books on the Web anyway”

YES, phones still matter!


Is the phone ringing at your reception desk right now? Is it a potential guest? Is that call about to be answered by a staff member trained to convert that call into revenue for your property?  Do all of your employees who may answer a phone KNow Reservations? 


YES, phones still matter!  📞   📱   ☎️


  • Phone & voice sales channel remains relevant

  • Voice search & book continues to have an important role to play

  • 20% increase in revenue per booking when guests talk with your staff on the telephone

  • How much of your revenue is booked by phone & email? Let’s find out!


Outcomes of KNow Reservations™️ method:

You acquire tools & tips & trick to make reservations & reception calls more:

  • Profitable!

  • Easy!

  • Efficient! We don’t want staff to talk longer on the phone, just more efficiently!

  • Standardise reservations sales procedures & form new habits

  • Identify how to use the process for different types of callers

  • Learn to qualify customers and overcome objections

  • Increase telephone sales conversion & revenue

  • Support your book-direct strategies


  It’ll be a SKNapp!

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