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Got your Christmas plan underway yet?

Oh hello strategic forward-planning hotel revenue enthusiasts!

Yes, you read that correctly, I did type 2022, as in 12 months from now... I'm suggesting that a good strategy for your hotel(s) next festive season is to frame it up now.

Yes, of course the world of hospitality, channels, guest sentiment, source markets and everything else may be totally reinvented again by that time.

Nevertheless, memories fail and time flies.

So the more we document now what's worked well this festive season the less we have to start from scratch or take action too late next season!

Here's a checklist of the top ten elements to document now as it happens:

  1. Which marketing campaigns yielded the highest return?

  2. Have any digital campaigns or promotional offers been a waste of marketing spend or effort?

  3. What was the market outlook leading into Christmas '21?

  4. What was the booking pace per market looking like leading up to Christmas '21?

  5. Which EDMs saw the highest conversion?

  6. What was the ALOS? ALOS by product/room type?

  7. What was the ALT? ALT by product/room type?

  8. Was your RMS accurate? Did you keep overriding it, or just let it do its sciency thing?

  9. What was the per-channel production and conversion?

  10. If your hotel(s) had excess demand (first of all you're lucky and rare!) did you use the right filters (MLOS, payment policies, yielded pricing) to displace the "right" segments?

Are there other festive period strategic successes or tactical fails you'd add to this list? Care to share? Tell me in the comments 👇🏻

As for the current Christmas, remember to tune in here to keep up the festive spirits 🎄🎶

(*the '21 edition of the festive SKNappy playlist has no bad words so it's suitable for hotel bars and lobbies!)

And whatever you do, just don't be a grumpy elf like this fellow!

Peace out




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