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Guitars, Farts, & Hotel Occupancy Green Shoots

Gosh, interesting times. Are you like me, shocked and bewildered that it is already June 2020? Time and caffeine are evaporating at a rate that I can not explain. Much of the news from my favourite parts of Earth are too heartbreaking to look at for the moment, and while I remain inexplicably HopeFULL and optimistic, I have to frequently avert my eyes and my mind elsewhere. So please join me for a break...

You could start with this highly entertaining joyful race of the penguins! And while my own guitar lessons are progressing at the pace of a narcoleptic snail, I’m considering taking up this guy’s instructions. And my executive assistant is in fact very little assistance.

May I also recommend the Mews Blog where super-clever smart people are quoted saying relatively useful things (hint-hint wink-wink nod-nod).

Meanwhile, we see Hotel General Managers trying to put fitted sheets on a bed without their housekeeping staff. Bless them.

Let us hope our hotel wedding market returns soon, so that it doesn't come to this and that we can fully open our restaurants so that no dining managers try any super creepy creative solutions.

Hotel reservations enthusiasts may take joy in SiteMinder’s World Hotel Index which launched at the end of April and just today added a new feature where you can monitor booking lead time and watch for sprouts of green shoots of new occupancy on the horizon.

I tend to rabbit on about hotels accepting pets (see what I did there?) to any hotel manager who will listen, to take a fresh non-judgmental view of guests with emotional support animals. I mean, we need all the occupancy we can get these days, right?

My own mildly obsessive compulsive clean travel tips don’t seem so wacky now do they… Meanwhile Marriott has clean stuff everywhere and Bonvoy Elite members retain their status.

I've written about farts before. And at the risk of creating a theme, I need to mention farts once again. Yes, People, this is where we are.

As we've all gone all-in click head-first into collaboration apps such as Zoom, cautionary tales abound. Please be careful out there zoomers!

Lastly, I’m excited to be speaking at the first-ever HSMAI ROC@Home event on June 17th. For details visit My topic is hotel market segmentation, tune in to see if I demonstrate my recommended strategies by guitar. Dare me? 🎸

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