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Hello Friends of SKNapp Consulting,

The scale of the bushfires in Australia is overwhelming to say the least; thousands of people have lost their homes, their livelihood and sadly some have lost their lives. Due to forecasted weather conditions, these fires are expected to continue for the foreseeable future. For those of us fortunate enough not to be directly impacted (other than having to wear these fetching masks) there are plenty of ways to contribute. Please consider these ways to help out from near and far:


● Find A Bed allows you to register your property or a room within your property to provide accommodation for bushfire evacuees (people and animals). Findabed matches you with someone in need and connects you before you confirm accommodation.


● This is a volunteer organisation and charity in rural Australia that helps to rebuild fences and other damaged structures on farms after natural disasters. You can also volunteer to help with cleaning, catering, organizing tools etc at the camp.

Red Cross

● The Red Cross is dedicated to voluntary service, providing disaster relief, protecting vulnerable people, and collecting blood donations. Red Cross Australia volunteers welcome people at evacuation centres, visit people's homes after disasters to check on them and provide support. It also registers people to help them find their loved ones and more.

Trauma Teddy

● Part of the Red Cross, Trauma Teddies provide comfort and help take people's minds off their worries. Trauma Teddies are lovingly hand-crafted knitted, stuffed, sewn together and labelled by Red Cross members and volunteers all over the country.

And if you’re like me and very concerned about our vulnerable furry friends, there are many ways you can help! If you are (unlike me!) good with a needle & thread you can make pouches and gloves for joeys, possums and injured koalas.

● To get the patterns to make pouches and gloves for rescued animals, click here

● To volunteer as a carer for the rescued and injured animals, click here

And PS: Australia is still open for business as a tourism destination! Our hotels and accommodation industry will appreciate your tourism support more than ever! Check out more details with Tourism Australia to stay up to date on the beautiful parts of Australia which remain unaffected and are welcoming visitors.

Best, Shannon

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