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Hiya from London | Scrap The Minis

Dear Friends of SKNapp Consulting,

Air Hair Lair from my third week in brisk Autumn pre-Brexit London! Of course #Brexit has businesses, certainly hotels, gearing up for its impact in a manner of controlled chaos. Despite many UK Hoteliers being nervous about post-Brexit profits, there are also some who say it is right poppycock.

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, or "BoJo" as he's not-so affectionately called, has got himself into a spot of bother here in London town. However, the Prime Minister did adopt a rescue dog so there's that. I'd vote for Dilyn!

While here I've witnessed a few hotelier mishaps and misdemeanours, and I have also experienced jolly good Hospitality at its finest. And I mean, English Fish & Chips in a Japanese Bento Box, who knew? Life changing.

I participated in the HSMAI ECC certification course facilitated by the illustrious Gil Mulders and Mia Touzin, and also the HSMAI Europe conference - including a panel that debated "Is Hotel Loyalty Dead?". Stay tuned right here on the blog for more on that!

I've been delighted to see that so many more hotels here have scrapped the minis! (no not these Minis, I mean these minis). Great that more brands are at last ditching the teeny tiny Earth-killing plastic amenity bottles in favour of well designed sustainable refillable gear!

Meanwhile if you're in Sydney on 25 September we'd love to see you at this SiteMinder event, you can get your tickets here.

Cheerio for now then, and #MindTheGap


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