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Curves, Conversion, and Cow Farts

Dear Friends of SKNapp Consulting,

For those of you who've been to my KNow Revenue workshops and training sessions, remember how I bang on about ebb and flow in demand patterns and booking curves... and how the smartest most successful hotel revenue managers have long-term (ah hem, like, 5 years out not 5 weeks people!) diverse distribution and market segment strategies? Remember that? Good times. Now if I was the type of consultant who says "I Told Ya So" this is when I'd say that sort of thing. But since that isn't my style, I'll simply direct your attention to that inverted yield curve which could suggest that a recession this way cometh.

How do you anticipate it will impact your property's demand, forecast, and pricing? You'll either need Three-Eyed Raven-like vision or a solid segmented sharpened strategy. Call me.

And while conversion should always be an obsession for hoteliers, it is never more critical than when there's a downturn. We need to capture every call and convert every click into a realised reservation. And here comes the sales pitch: Contact me to find out how!

And speaking of curves and conversion, not only can we apply a simple Gaussian curve to more accurately forecast and price hotels, we could soon use a backpack that converts gas into a useful biofuel. And apparently we can even use science to stop the cows farting in order to combat global warming and improve our own health. I mean, how cool is science?

Here's to healthy hotels and healthier cows too.


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