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Happy June: Risks, Rewards & Recurring Revenue

Dear Friends of SKNapp Consulting,

Last week I had the great joy of spending time with this squad of hoteliers at Tourism Accommodation Australia HQ to deliver two Revenue training programs. (20 years in Australia and I still love a good SOH photo opp) Our participants' reward was a much more advantageous ascend than even climbing Mt Everest is these days. Our training workshops can get equally as crowded though. So ya better ping me to secure a safe spot in the next KNow Hospitality™, KNow Reservations™, or KNow Revenue™, workshop near you!

Meanwhile ICYMI, my friends at SiteMinder recently checked into the $100 million club. $100M in recurring revenue is a rather good reward for those smart fellows with the good idea and sufficient moxie, who took a risk back in ‘06 by giving that whole hotel-channel-manager thing a bash. And the hotel industry is better for it!

Bit like the iPhone, yeah right, that'll never sell. Mondo risk, that one. Seems to have worked out though.

And btw thanks to my friends at Crystalbrook Collection, I recently learned that scUber is a thing. Who knew?! I’ll be making a booking soon, which will be far less risky than a reservation at Jamie's Italian.

In June may you have a big appetite for informed risks, and be full with rewards and recurring revenue!

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