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How's your faith in humanity?

Hello friends of SKNapp Consulting,

Are you like me? Do you see things like this and worry for the future of the human race?

Well have faith my friends! This week I witnessed something that restored not only my faith in humans, but also in Aussie hospitality! (ok yes I have a penchant for the dramatic, but stay with me here) A friend visiting from America lost his wallet somewhere between his barramundi at CYCA and his Pinot at SOH. The following day he gets a call from the New South Wales Police, "G'Day Mate, we've got your wallet". The wallet, with all of his credit cards and all of the $402 dollars he left in it, was returned intact!

This terrific outcome required: 1) a kind human to turn the wallet in, 2) a good police detective to find him in one of several ibis hotels in Sydney based only on the generic ibis room key and i.d. in the wallet, and 3) well-trained hotel employees. All good for tourism, don't you think?

Well done Ibis Sydney World Square for following correct procedure of collecting and storing guest contact details on arrival. Proof positive that (warning, here comes one of my relentless mottos) "a discounted price does not equate to a discounted experience"! (and no Ibis have not paid me to share this)

If that doesn't convince you, and you still want to feel good about humans, just remember that thing the People Of Perth did.

In the meantime, have a terrific weekend!

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