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Pizzas, Panel, & Parity

Dear Friends of SKNapp Consulting,

Last week while spending time onsite with one of my favourite SKNapp customers, I learned about the value and splendour of a proper pizza oven. The downside being that now I want to build one at home, alongside our tandoor oven. Seriously.

I was also thankful to have successfully moderated a panel at the 80Twenty Hotel Conference in Brisbane. My measure of "success" being that no chairs were thrown (despite a small bit of shouting), I didn't offend anyone, nor did I fall off the stage. Though one of my SiteMinder colleagues says if I am to reach true rock star status I should start falling off stages Dave Grohl style. Let's see how my guitar lessons go.

The hotel conference Panel certainly had Plenty of Passionate Perspectives on Parity in the hours Prior to Expedia's bold announcement to waive contractual parity clauses! Now, Australian accommodation providers wait with breath that is bated to see if the other jolly green OTA giant will achieve Parity themselves on the issue of Parity - by doing the needful.

Have a terrific weekend!

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