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Cupcakes, Cheesecakes, and a Conference

Happy IWD everyone! In addition to a great excuse to eat pink cupcakes, it is a great time to remember that diverse teams are smarter. I've spent the day at SiteMinder which enjoys a strong culture of diversity, encourages female engineers, celebrates girls for whom code is a verb, and a #BalanceForBetter.


My strong advice to you, Dear Friends Of SKNapp Consulting, is the next time you’re in Melbourne Australia as I've been this week: Do yourself a favour and run, don't walk, to the Melbourne Parkview Hotel and enjoy Chef Dwayne's luscious Fried Banana Cheesecake. It might change your life.

And, I am looking forward moderating a panel discussion at this year's Intrust Super 80 TWENTY Hotel Conference in Brisbane, which is only 12 days away! I'll be leading a conversation entitled "The Conversion Discussion". The conference will be held at the Emporium Hotel, Southbank Brisbane on 21st March. To attend the conference, register via this event link. I would love to see you there! (*heckling the moderator and/or throwing tomatoes at the stage is strictly prohibited)

In the meantime, hug a girl today and have a terrific weekend!

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