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Monday, June 1, 2020

Gosh, interesting times. Are you like me, shocked and bewildered that it is already June 2020? Time and caffeine are evaporating at a rate that I can not explain. Much of the news from my favourite parts of Earth are too heartbreaking to look at for the moment, and while I remain inexplicably HopeFULL and optimistic, I have to frequently avert my eyes and my mind elsewhere. So please join me for a break...

You could start with this highly entertaining joyful race of the penguins! And while my own...

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Hello out there fearless intrepid Friends of SKNapp Consulting,

We know the world of hotels is in chaos when DoubleTree Hotels released their secret official cookie recipe to the world . Even Chef Zamora of Crystalbrook Hotels recently shared his hot cross bun recipe! You are welcome.

You could use some of your available isolation time to bake those, AND you can also join me and a few extremely cluey smart people in an industry confab next week. Ok I know I know, the interwebs is flooded...

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Dear Friends of SKNapp Consulting,

As hoteliers, if there was ever a time to ensure diversity in distribution and market segments, it is now. Properties that have relied on limited channels and too-few source markets are struggling thanks to COVID-19. Hotels with clever, well-trained, data-informed managers who have prepared with solid insights are suffering less and will recover quicker.

Our industry may be in chaos, but you do not have to be! Pockets of promising progress are present, you just n...

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Hello Friends of SKNapp Consulting,

The scale of the bushfires in Australia is overwhelming to say the least; thousands of people have lost their homes, their livelihood and sadly some have lost their lives. Due to forecasted weather conditions, these fires are expected to continue for the foreseeable future.

For those of us fortunate enough not to be directly impacted (other than having to wear these fetching masks) there are plenty of ways to contribute.  Please consider these ways to help out...

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Dear Friends of SKNapp Consulting,

Air Hair Lair from my third week in brisk Autumn pre-Brexit London! Of course #Brexit has businesses, certainly hotels, gearing up for its impact in a manner of controlled chaos. Despite many UK Hoteliers being nervous about post-Brexit profits, there are also some who say it is right poppycock.

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, or "BoJo" as he's not-so affectionately called, has got himself into a spot of bother here in London town. However, the Prim...

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Dear Friends of SKNapp Consulting,

For those of you who've been to my KNow Revenue workshops and training sessions, remember how I bang on about ebb and flow in demand patterns and booking curves... and how the smartest most successful hotel revenue managers have long-term (ah hem, like, 5 years out not 5 weeks people!) diverse distribution and market segment strategies? Remember that? Good times. Now if I was the type of consultant who says "I Told Ya So" this is when I'd say that sort of thing....

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Dear Friends of SKNapp Consulting,

Last week I had the great joy of spending time with this squad of hoteliersat Tourism Accommodation Australia  HQ to deliver two Revenue training programs. (20 years in Australia and I still love a good SOH  photo opp)  Our participants' reward was a much more advantageous ascend than even climbing Mt Everest  is these days. Our training workshops can get equally as crowded though. So ya better ping me to secure a safe spot in...

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Dear Friends of SKNapp Consulting, 

Are you new to the hotel game and keen to learn more about the marvels of (T)RevPAR? 

Would you like to become a hotelier for whom forecast is a verb

Are you already a revenue management pro and would like a certificate to prove it?

When you think of revenue management for hoteliers, do you feel a bit like Jared Leto carrying his own head

Well you may have missed out on the Met Gala event but there's still time for you to get in on an even more spectacular...

Monday, April 22, 2019

Dear Friends of SKNapp Consulting, 

You may have noticed that the first ever actual image of a Black Hole nearly broke the interwebs this week. (You should totally listen to this song while reading this.) I actually thought we had always seen pictures of black holes, but I've learned those were all just interpretations and artists' renditions, just like pictures of dinosaurs. Mind. Blown. 

And if this wasn't already cool enough, turns out it was a 29 year old woman who led the effort to make...

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Dear Friends of SKNapp Consulting,

Last week while spending time onsite with one of my favourite SKNapp customers, I learned about the value and splendour of a proper pizza oven. The downside being that now I want to build one at home, alongside our tandoor oven. Seriously.

I was also thankful to have successfully moderated a panel at the 80Twenty Hotel Conference in Brisbane. My measure of "success" being that no chairs were thrown (despite a small bit of shouting), I didn't offend anyo...

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