Solutions for Hoteliers

​Revenue Optimisation and Distribution Strategies

  • SKNapp KNow Revenue training:

    • Accurate Forecasts

    • Distribution Sales Strategies

    • Cost of Distribution and Customer Acquisition

    • Identify opportunities that lead to revenue growth

Reservations Sales Training and Structure

  • SKNapp KNow Reservations method:

    • Reservations Sales & Services process reviews

    • Measurably increase profit through additional accommodation and ancillary revenue sales

    • Power your team with the skills to realise their purpose and to reach their true potential

Quality Assurance Audits and Efficiencies for Hoteliers

  • SKNapp KNow Hospitality program:

    • Results & goal orientated quality assurance reviews

    • Assistance to implement cultural and system changes that increase your profits

    • Custom measurements that perfectly fit your brand

    • Sharp process management that increases efficiencies